Bugumbe Church-roof Completed April 2014
Buhemba Church - roof completed Novermber 2014
Buhemba Church - roof structure
Bunchari Church -  roof completed December  2013
Gamasara Church  - roof completed June 2013
Kerende church - roof completed May 2016
Mangucha Church - rooof completed July 2013
Mogabiri Church roof completed July 2017
Nkongore Church Roofed March 2015
Nyabitocho Church - roof completed January 2013
Nyagisya Church -  roof completed July 2013
Nyakunguru Church - roof completed July 2013
Nyangoto roof done in August 2013
Nyarwana Church - roof completed August 2015
Rebu Church - Roof completed in February 2015
Bugumbe Church-roof Completed April 2014
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New Church Buildings in Tarime
The Diocese of Tarime has completed building brand new church buildings at nine (9) locations with roofs, and have roofed 5 buildings whose construction started before Tarime area became a Diocese in 2010. This achievement is a result of a partnership scheme between the parishes, the Bishop and our overseas partners. In this scheme, the congregation erects the wall, and the Bishop finds money for the roof. In some cases the congregation is too poor to complete the construction of the wall so the Bishop contributes funds for the completion of the wall and for the roofing costs.
Churches that now have new places of worship are Nyangoto, Bunchari, Bugumbe Nyakunguru, Mangucha, Nyabitocho, Gamasara, Nyagisya, Buhemba, Rebu, Nkongore, Nyarwana, Kerende, Mogabiri.
Commenting on this extraordinary success, the Bishop of Tarime, Dr Mwita Akiri said, ‘I am very grateful to our congregations and partners (Anglican churches and individuals) in Canada, UK, New Zealand and Tanzania who have contributed funds and continue to do so to support our mission in Tarime.”
Construction of new churches is underway at Nyamwigura and Nyansurura churches.

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