Priests on motorcycles after dedication in church
2-priests on motorcycles after dedication in church
Canon Samwel Nyageswa - Vicar General of the Diocese
New motorcycles donated in July 2014.
Bishop Mwita with priests on the motorcycles donated in 2016
New motorcycles donated in 2016
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Three senior staff of the Diocese of Tarime, five (area) rural deans, and four other clergy in the furthest parts of the Diocese now use motorcycles for travel within their parishes and the diocese to carry out pastoral and administrative functions.

The story of how the Lord Jesus Christ has made this provision for us is humbling. In 2010 the diocese purchased a used motorcycle using its own local funds to help facilitate the work of the Diocesan Secretary. In July 2011, a visiting mission team from overseas donated one motorcycle to the Diocese. In 2014, another mission team visited Tarime and donated two more motorcycles. In 2016, a partner gave us funds for three motorcycles. Then in 2017, another overseas mission team donated four new motorcycles. Bishop Mwita says “I am very grateful to all our partners – faithful men and women – who have made sacrifices to facilitate clergy travel and ministry in Tarime.”

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