Vision, Mission & Values


To be a Diocese with mature and confident Christians able to demonstrate God’s love in word and deed.


To enable all people to attain fullness of life through faith in Christ and holistic development.


Faith in Jesus Christ
As a Church we are committed to Faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We believe that Salvation is only through Him.

Orthodox Christian Teaching
Orthodox Christian teaching is central to our Christian faith, life, work, and identity. Therefore, as a Church, our work shall be guided by Bible based Orthodox Christian teaching, believing that the Bible is God’s revelation, and is the final authority in all matters of faith.

Worship and Prayer
Jesus Christ is our model for worship and prayer. Through prayer and worship we shall seek God’s guidance and maintain our Christian identity by being part of a worshipping and praying Christian family.

God is Love and Jesus Christ teaches us to love one another. Therefore, Christian love shall remain a key value in our mission and development work.

Peace, Justice
Our God is God of Peace and Justice. Therefore, in order to fulfil our role as agents for change and development we shall seek to promote Peace and Justice in our churches, society, and in the communities.

Unity and Harmony
Jesus Christ prayed for Unity. In all that we do, we shall seek to engage in activities that promote Unity and harmony within the Church and in society.

Ownership and Commitment
As a Church we shall strive to ensure that all our members and local stakeholders own the work done by the Church at all levels and are committed to it.

Gender Equality
As a Church we are aware that women and girls are yet to attain equal rights in our society especially in accessing resources and full participation in the decision making process, both in the Church and in society. We are committed to achieving gender equality for all.

Mutual Trust and Interdependency
Mutual trust and interdependency at all levels of partnership are essential in our mission and development. We shall seek to promote an environment that will enable us and our partners and other stakeholders to build mutual trust and a spirit of interdependency.

Transparency and Accountability
Transparency and accountability strengthens partnership. Therefore, we shall seek to maintain transparency and accountability in all that we do and in our use of God’s resources entrusted to us as a Church and as individuals.

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