Bishop Mwita handing soccer balls to the Regional Police Commander on August 8, 2012
The Police Commander for Tarime-Rorya, ACP Kamugisha giving a vote of thanks
A group photo outside the Regional Police Commander's office in Tarime.
Guest of Honour, Mr Kabohola (in black jacket), Bishop Mwita & Police Commander greeting the soccer players before the inaugural match.
Mr Kabohola (in black jacket), greetings the players of Mafundi FC & Shirati before the inaugural match on 27 August.
Mafundi Club from Tarime (in white) Vs Shirati Club from Rorya (in blue) on 27 August. Mafundi FC won 3-0..
Bishop Mwita handing soccer balls to the Regional Police Commander on August 8, 2012
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Diocese of Tarime Sponsors Soccer Tournament

The Diocese of Tarime has sponsored a peace soccer tournament in Tarime and Rorya districts that started in August and will end in September. The Diocese provided all the soccer balls needed for the competition known as Polisi Jamii Cup, or Community Policing Cup.

In a brief ceremony at the Regional Police Commander’s office on August 8, 2012, Bishop Mwita Akiri said that it is the duty of all citizens including young people to abide by the law at all times and that young people must not provoke the police or take part in any crime. Equally, the Bishop urged the police to uphold high ethical standards when carrying out their duties and refrain from unlawful arrests and excessive use of force that some within the force are often accused of in Tarime and other parts of Tanzania. He said such acts are against human rights as enshrined in the constitution. Moreover, they can alienate good citizens who might otherwise assist the police in identifying and bringing criminals to justice.

The competition is taking place in Tarime and Rorya districts. Bishop Mwita handed the balls to the Police Commander for the Tarime/Rorya Special Zone, ACP Justus Kamugisha. The main aim of the tournament is to promote peace in Tarime and encourage all citizens to be law-abiding without being forced to do so by the police.

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