Priests on motorcycles after dedication in church
2-priests on motorcycles after dedication in church
Canon Samwel Nyageswa - Vicar General of the Diocese
New motorcycles donated in July 2014.
Bishop Mwita with priests on the motorcycles donated in 2016
New motorcycles donated in 2016
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Three senior staff of the Diocese of Tarime, five (area) rural deans, and four other clergy in the furthest parts of the Diocese now use motorcycles for travel within their parishes and the diocese to carry out pastoral and administrative functions.

The story of how the Lord Jesus Christ has made this provision for us is humbling. In 2010 the diocese purchased a used motorcycle using its own local funds to help facilitate the work of the Diocesan Secretary. In July 2011, a visiting mission team from overseas donated one motorcycle to the Diocese. In 2014, another mission team visited Tarime and donated two more motorcycles. In 2016, a partner gave us funds for three motorcycles. Then in 2017, another overseas mission team donated four new motorcycles. Bishop Mwita says “I am very grateful to all our partners – faithful men and women – who have made sacrifices to facilitate clergy travel and ministry in Tarime.”



“Hello, my name is Roselyne Mossama. I am the Manager of Mogabiri Agricultural Centre since July 2013 and responsible for the overall management of the Centre. Prior to this, I have worked for the Centre since 1994 as Community Development Officer (or chief trainer) focusing on training farmers and women’s groups on how to improve their livelihoods through improved food security, environmental management, income generating activities (IGAs) and gender empowerment. ‘Seeing is believing’. So come and stay at Mogabiri Agricultural Centre.”




Mogabiri Centre is located 7km east of Tarime town. As of 2017, half of the stretch to Mogabiri village is tarmac.





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</span>Bishop's-lodge-lounge<span style=\"font-size: 12.16px;\">
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Mogabiri has all the advantages that guests who want to relax are looking for. It is a quiet place in rural setting, yet close to the town. One can see lots of banana and avocado plant along the road leading to the centre and beyond.  Mogabiri has a pleasant cool weather due to its location in Tarime plateau, and is about 1500 metres above sea level.

It is overlooking the Mara River valley where Acacia Mining North Mara Gold Mine is located. The spectacular view of the valley is breathtaking.”

Quiet Rural Environment and Spectacular View

Our Regular Customers

The Centre offers training services to farmers from the villages in Tarime and other parts of Tanzania. Also, it hosts groups of volunteers on short mission in Tarime or nearby districts and students on field study or practical training. Tourists who intend to visit Serengeti National Park which is on the eastern side of Tarime, or who have visited already and are passing through Tarime also make overnight stop-over or extended stay at Mogabiri. Guests come from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and Sweden (among many others).

Conference Facilities

The Centre has a conference room with a capacity to accommodate up to 100 people depending on the sitting arrangements. There is also a smaller room for 20 people.


The Centre can accommodate up to 50 guests. There are two main houses that can accommodate 26 people in both double and twin beds. Each has a flush toilet and hot shower, as well as 6 smaller units that can accommodate 24 people with double bunk beds.

Bishop’s Lodge

The Bishop’s Lodge is mainly for the use of the Bishop of Tarime and his family during major meetings or whenever the Bishop wishes to take a quite refuge for personal study or reflection. The Lodge has three bedrooms, lounge and satellite TV. However, guest or guests can also stay at the Lodge upon request when it is vacant.


Generally, buffet meals are served. However, meal services may be tailored to the needs of the individual guest or a group of visitors.

Phone Connection and Internet Access

Vodacom, Tigo, Airtel and Halotel networks are accessible. Modems or phone internet bundles may be used to access internet.

How we Spend Any Savings

The goal of the centre is to improve the livelihoods of the local communities. Therefore, any savings made from the conference and hospitality services are used in supporting our poverty reduction programmes in the community. This includes the villages surrounding the Barrick North Mara Gold Mine. So by using the conference facilities, or by staying at Mogabiri centre, you are also contributing to our fight against poverty and economic empowerment for women and young people in Tarime district.

Contact: Mogabiri Farm Extension Centre. PO Box 134, Tarime, Tanzania. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kerende Parish is one of the ‘oldest’ in the Diocese. It was formed in 1990 out of Mogabiri Parish. It has a small church building and a pastor’s house. The parish plans to build a bigger church to accommodate its growing congregation

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confirmed 2016Magoma Parish is located north east of Tarime. It was formed out of Tarime. Its parish church is in Magoma village. It has a small church building but has no pastor’s house.

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</span>confirmed 2017<span style=\"font-size: 12.16px; text-align: justify;\">
</span>consruction - pastor's house 2017<span style=\"font-size: 12.16px; text-align: justify;\">
</span>Elias at pastor's house<span style=\"font-size: 12.16px; text-align: justify;\">
</span>Soroneta 2013<span style=\"font-size: 12.16px; text-align: justify;\">
</span>Soroneta 2014<span style=\"font-size: 12.16px; text-align: justify;\">
confirmed 2016
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Address: PO Box 410 , Tarime , Tanzania
Office / FAX: +255 (0)28 2690 153
Contact us via e-mail

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