Group photo of Diocesan Mothers' Union Parish Leaders

The Mothers Union leaders from all parishes met at Mogabiri Farm Extension Centre to consider better ways of empowering women in the parishes. Clergy wives were among the leaders who attended the seminar. The Bishop of the Diocese Dr Mwita Akiri opened the seminar. Using Isaiah 60:1 as a key text, he urged all the women leaders to arise and shine both in the church and in the communities by exemplary life that glorifies the Lord, sharing the god news of Christ with others round them, and by starting income generating projects that would enable them to earn more money thus improving their lives. He promised that he would work hard to support women’s initiatives aimed at enabling women in Kuria society to play a greater role in community life, acquiring greater social and economic freedom.


Rev Msuma and his wife on day of his ordination Nov 28, 2010The Bishop of Tarime, the Right Reverend Dr Mwita Akiri officiated at the first ordination on service in the Diocese on Sunday November 28, 2010. He ordained John Msuma as deacon.  Rev John Msuma finished his Diploma course at St Philip’s Theological College, Kongwa, in June. He will be serving at Nyabitocho parish from January 2011. The highlight of the ordination was the sale of the live goat and chicken that was offered by Rev Msuma and his wife as a thank offering to God for their calling and safe completion of the course, leading to the ordination. The Bishop challenged the congregation that the goat should fetch Tsh1,000,000 (approximately $700). This challenge was taken up well. At the end of the auction, the goat had fetched Tsh823,000. A day later, the bishop was sharing with somebody, a non-Anglican, about the ‘goat news’. That person gave Tsh200,000 towards the auction. This brought the figure to Tsh1,000,000 as the Bishop had anticipated! This is rare.

Prof George Sumner of Wycliffe College, Toronto talking to the Clergy and Cateshists of Tarime July 6, 2010
Gift of 3 soccer balls from the Sumners to be used to start parish youth teams the parishes. More balls are needed
Handing a ball to one of Mogabiri youth choir for use by Mogabiri parish youth soccer team
The Sumners and the Akiris during the clergy retreat at Mogabiri Centre
Prof George Sumner of Wycliffe College, Toronto talking to the Clergy and Cateshists of Tarime July 6, 2010
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A Diocesan Clergy Retreat took place from July 5-7 July thanks to a donation from Canada through the Principal of Wycliffe College, Toronto, Prof George Sumner. George was the guest speaker. The two main purposes for convening a clergy gathering were as follows. First to enable me to start engaging with this team of key people that I will be working with.  Secondly was to have an opportunity to revisit the calling of each of us. At the end of the retreat, each pastor and catechist was asked to reflect and respond the question: how and where would you want the Diocese of Tarime and your parish to be in the next three years (2011-2013)?

In a closing service, Professor Sumner and his wife Stephanie donated a gift of three foot/soccer balls to the diocese. The Bishop immediately announced the first parishes to receive the balls and start parish soccer teams. He further advised that church soccer teams will engage with other youths in the villages, and where appropriate, the choir will sing and gospel songs and pray before the play. Team members will save money for buying a new ball when the old ones are worn-out.

St Luke's Pro-Cathedral Church in Tarime town where Mwita's consecration took place.
Part of the Congregation on July 4, 2010
Group Photo of Bishops with President Kikwete
L to R Mbayo Akiri, Mwita, President Kikwete, Mrs Mukami Akiri, Mugure Akiri
L to R - Archbishop Dr Mokiwa, President Kikwete, Bishop Mwita Akiri after the service
St Luke's Pro-Cathedral Church in Tarime town where Mwita's consecration took place.In uniform are security officers ahead of the arrival of the President of Tanzania
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A colorful inaugural ceremony of the Diocese of Tarime took place on July 4, 2010. On this day, the Bishop of the mother Diocese of Mara relinquished his authority over the new diocese which covers the geographical area of Tarime district. This event was attended by over 2000 people. The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was the Guest Honor. Principal of Wycliffe College, Toronto University , Professor George Sumner was the preacher. Tarime opened its doors to many people who told us at last minute they wanted to come to my consecration, mainly from Anglican Dioceses in Tanzania and from other denominations within the larger region of Mara of which Tarime is a district. Others guests came from Canada, England and Australia. A colorful reception was held in honor of the new Bishop and his family. This lasted from about 5.30pm until 9pm local time.

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