Bishop Mwita with members of the Wakefield Diocese Tanzania Link Committee
Bishop Mwita with members of the Tanzania Link Committee of the Diocese of Wakefield
Bishops Stephen Platten (Wakefield) and Mwita Akiri (Tarime) at Wakefield Diocesan Synod, 10 March, 2012
L to R - Bishop Mwita, Bishop Stephen (Wakefield) and Rev Stephen Kelly of Woolley, Sunday 11 March 2012_1
St Peter's Woolley (signboard)
Sunday Service at St Peter's Woolley, Diocese of Wakefield, UK.
St Peter's, Woolley, Diocese of Wakefield. Bishop Mwita preached at Woolley on Sunday, March 11, 2012
Bishop Mwita with members of the Wakefield Diocese Tanzania Link Committee
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Bishop Mwita Akiri of the Diocese of Tarime visited the companion Diocese of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England in March 2012. On March 9, Bishop Mwita met with the Tanzania Link Committee which oversees the link between Wakefield and the three dioceses in Tanzania: Mara, Tarime and Rorya. The meeting took place at the residence of Bishop Tony Robinson, Bishop of Pontefract in the Diocese of Wakefield.

This was an important meeting ahead of Mwita’s meeting with the representatives of all the parishes that have links with parishes in the Diocese of Tarime.  Several issues concerning the two Dioceses were discussed. These included ways of strengthening the parish links, possibilities of new links, and sharing of resources. The newly appointed Tanzania Link Officer, Rev. Dr. Stephen Spencer was present at the meeting.

Bishop Stephen Platten of Wakefield and his wife Rosslie hosted a dinner for Bishop Mwita at his residence – the Bishop’s Lodge at Woodthorpe Lane. This was an enjoyable evening that gave Mwita a chance to interact with some of members of the senior staff of the Diocese.

The next day, Saturday 10th March, Mwita had the honour to attend the Synod meeting of the Diocese at St Peters Church Centre. Mwita had the priviledge to address the Synod on the importance of the partnership in mission that exists between Tarime and Wakefield. In the evening, again, Bishop Stephen and Rosslie hosted another dinner at his residence. This occasion was attended by several key people in the Diocese who are connected with the Tarime-Wakefield link in one way or another.

On Sunday 11th March, Bishop Stephen kindly accompanied Bishop Mwita to St Peter’s Woolley. Both Mwita and Stephen were hosted by Rev. Stephen Kelly, the Vicar of Woolley. Mwita preached and later had a working lunch with the representatives of the Wakefield parishes linked with Tarime parishes. Mrs Edwina Offori, the Link Officer for Wakefield-Tarime Link facilitated this meeting.  Tineke Bentley, the Wakefield Coordinator of Water for Life Project being implemented in Tanzania was present too. Detailed discussions were held on the ways to strengthen the friendship between Tarime and Wakefield and the ongoing projects.

This important meeting concluded Bishop Mwita’s visit to the Diocese of Wakefield.

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