Mrs Jane Nyageswa instructor, with the students.
Some of the students at the sewing class started by the Mothers Union
Students - focused!
The temporary classroom is located in this house in Tarime town.
Mrs Jane Nyageswa instructor, with the students.
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On January 16, 2012, the Mothers Union - our women's organization - started a sewing class in Tarime town for young girls. The project is part of the Diocesan plan, namely, empowerment of women and girls. This is achieved by providing them with skills and thereby creating opportunities for employment. Sixteen unemployed girls who have completed seven years of primary education but could not proceed to secondary school are enrolled. They will learn and practice the sewing skills that will help them to earn income. The project also has a social dimension in that it delays early marriages for young  ex-school girls so common in the wider district. The girls pay a concession fee of $15 a month. The course lasts for six months.  

Three immediate challenges are facing the sewing class that have to be addressed quickly. First, the shortage of sewing machines. At the moment the class has 10 only sewing machines for 16 girls! These were donated to the Diocese by the Christians from Canada who visited and participated in mission in July 2011. A basic sewing machine costs $100. Bishop Mwita appeals to all people of goodwill to support this initiative that has a huge potential to give many young girls a better future.  Secondly, there is a need for a larger classroom to accommodate more students. Finally, a hostel is needed for the girls from the rural areas. More girls from the villages applied to join the class but could not do so because they could not afford accommodation in Tarime town. "This is one of the major challenges that the Diocese has to address", says Bishop Mwita. When asked how the diocese would address the matter, the Bishop replied, "we will have to raise funds to build and furnish a hostel with beds and other essential facilities and services such as electricity and water. However, to make this a sustainable project, the Diocese will have to charge a reasonable but affordable fee to cover some overhead, maintenance and service costs."

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