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The Anglican Diocese of Tarime (outlined in blue on the map to the left) is one of the newest Dioceses in the Anglican Church of Tanzania in Africa. It was inaugurated on July 4, 2010, the day when Dr Mwita Akiri was consecrated as its first Bishop. It has just over 9,000 members in 29 parishes and congregations in a population of 360,000 in Tarime district. The temporary diocesan offices are located at St Luke ‘s Parish Church in Tarime.

This largely rural Diocese is located east of Lake Victoria, and shares a border with Kenya to the north and north east. It comprises the whole geographical area of Tarime district. The far end of the western part of the Serengeti National Park is in Tarime district. Visitors to the Diocese would have the opportunity to enjoy the abundant wildlife in Tanzania and other world class wonders such as the Ngorongoro Crater.

Address: PO Box 410 , Tarime , Tanzania
Office / FAX: +255 (0)28 2690 153
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