Fund Raising for the Kitagasembe Youth Choir

A little boy donating money during a fundraising for music instruments at Kitagasembe parish church
A little girl donating money during a fundraising for music instruments at Kitagasembe church near the border with Kenya
Live animals donated during a fundraising at Kitagasembe parish church
A little boy donating money during a fundraising for music instruments at Kitagasembe parish church
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On Sunday November 19, 2010, the Bishop worshiped at Kitagasembe parish church, located north of Tarime and barely three miles from the border with Kenya. The main reason for the Episcopal visit was to preside over a fundraising event which was scheduled after the main service. Adults, young people, including members of the choir, and children took part by giving cash and live animals such as goats and chicken. Almost Tsh 1,900,000  (approx $1500 at the rate of exchange of that time)  was raised. This was half of what the church needed for the desired musical instruments.  Bishop Mwita was greatly impressed especially by the way children participated in this event and asked parishes with a similar need to learn from Kitagasembe church.

Youth Choir groups are phenomenon not only in the Diocese of Tarime, but also in many Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. The talents and ability vary from one church to another. However, the dancing styles are wonderful and have become an attraction to those who can cope with a kind of ‘modernism’ in African worship. Choir instruments are therefore a ‘must’ at least in the eyes of these choir groups themselves.  For a young choir with no experienced guitarists, all the choir group needs is an electronic keyboard, an amplifier, a set of speakers, a power stabilizer, and a power generator for use in rural places due to lack of electricity. With these instruments the choirs groups sing to the Lord in church on Sundays and also participate in the evangelism programmes of the parish by accompanying preachers to the villages where people have not yet heard the Good News of Christ.

International Involvement

Soon after chairing his first Synod of the Diocese, Bishop Mwita went to Geneva to attend the meeting of the Advisory Council of the Anglican Health Network of which he is member. The Council met from October 26-27, 2010. He returned to Tanzania on October 29, and joined his family in Dodoma to vote on the day of the General Election in Tanzania on October 31.

First Graduation at St. John's University

St John’s University of Tanzania, an Anglican national university held its first graduation in Dodoma on November 6, 2010. The Chancellor of the University, former Archbishop Donald Mtetemela officiated  at the ceremony. Bishop Mwita and other trustees attended the historic occasion. As former General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, Bishop Mwita was deeply involved in the planning and eventual establishment of St John’s University of Tanzania in Dodoma. He then became a member of the University Council and the Senate before becoming its Trustees after his election as the first Bishop of the Diocese of Tarime. Bishop Mwita could therefore not miss this historic occasion.


First Women’s Parish Leaders Seminar

Group photo of Diocesan Mothers' Union Parish Leaders

The Mothers Union leaders from all parishes met at Mogabiri Farm Extension Centre to consider better ways of empowering women in the parishes. Clergy wives were among the leaders who attended the seminar. The Bishop of the Diocese Dr Mwita Akiri opened the seminar. Using Isaiah 60:1 as a key text, he urged all the women leaders to arise and shine both in the church and in the communities by exemplary life that glorifies the Lord, sharing the god news of Christ with others round them, and by starting income generating projects that would enable them to earn more money thus improving their lives. He promised that he would work hard to support women’s initiatives aimed at enabling women in Kuria society to play a greater role in community life, acquiring greater social and economic freedom.


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