Youth Soccer Teams

Bishop Mwita giving inaugural address during inauguration of church soccer teams
Group photo of church and village youth teams
Players and the crowd listening to Bishop Mwita at Kenyamanyori Village
Bishop Mwita giving inaugural address during inauguration of church soccer teams
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On March 5, 2011, the Bishop of Tarime, the Right Rev Dr Mwita Akiri inaugurated Church Youth Soccer teams at Kenyamanyori Village, some 7 km east of Tarime. The youth soccer teams are being formed in all parishes and congregations throughout the Diocese. The aims are to extend youth activities in the church, and to enable young people in the church to make contact with their peers in the villages where they live.

Speaking to the church youth groups from Kenyamanyori and Mogabiri parishes and the villages that attended the inaugural ceremony, Bishop Mwita said, "The Church in the Diocese of Tarime will always care for young people in and outside the Church. We want young people in Church to engage in as many activities as possible. We regard young people in our churches as ambassadors of Christ who must reach out to their fellow young people in the villages where live and share God's love and peace".

The soccer balls have been donated by Sam Sumner-Hodgkins and his young school friends in Canada to whom the Diocese is so grateful. Sam is the teenage son of Professor George Sumner and Stephanie Hodgkins of Wycliffe College, Toronto Canada. Sam and his parents were present at the inauguration of the Diocese of Tarime in July 2010”.

Bed Nets Donated to Clergy

On February 19, 2011, Mr. Emmanuel Matinyi (third left in the picture, front row with white shirt), a member of St Luke's Pro-Cathedral Church in Tarime town donated over 30 bed nets to all clergy and catechists in the Diocese of Tarime. This was his personal response to a sermon by the Bishop of the Diocese last year in which he emphasized the need for Christians to help the diocese in its efforts to improve the living conditions for the clergy and catechists.
As many would know, malaria is now expensive to treat and can kill both children and adults if the patient does not get proper treatment. Yet many of the clergy lead very young and small congregations able to pay as little as $2-3 a month as stipend. As a result the majority of clergy and catechists cannot afford bed nets that could protect them against malaria infecting mosquito.  So the Bishop and the clergy and catechists thanked Mr. Matinyi for his understanding and generosity and support.

Bunchari and Bugumbe Parishes Fund Raising

"On Sunday Feb 27, 2011 we had a harambee (fundraising event) for Bunchari and Bugumbe parishes. These are two churches that had suffered some of the worst violent clan clashes ever experienced in Tarime in recent years (recall that I talked about this in my speech on July 4th 2010, and that it was echoed by the President). These two clans have now made peace with each other since 2008, and we want to seize the opportunity and engage in intensive evangelization in the area.

But we need a church building for each parish by June 2011.  The construction cost is Tsh15million (approx $12,000 US) for each church, that is Tsh30million ($24,000). Today we helped the two parishes to raise Tsh3.4million in cash which we shall divide equally for the two. Each side will contribute some of the materials such as stones and sand worth over Tsh2million in total for both parishes. So we still need to raise more money for these two churches"

First Ordination in the Diocese

Rev Msuma and his wife on day of his ordination Nov 28, 2010The Bishop of Tarime, the Right Reverend Dr Mwita Akiri officiated at the first ordination on service in the Diocese on Sunday November 28, 2010. He ordained John Msuma as deacon.  Rev John Msuma finished his Diploma course at St Philip’s Theological College, Kongwa, in June. He will be serving at Nyabitocho parish from January 2011. The highlight of the ordination was the sale of the live goat and chicken that was offered by Rev Msuma and his wife as a thank offering to God for their calling and safe completion of the course, leading to the ordination. The Bishop challenged the congregation that the goat should fetch Tsh1,000,000 (approximately $700). This challenge was taken up well. At the end of the auction, the goat had fetched Tsh823,000. A day later, the bishop was sharing with somebody, a non-Anglican, about the ‘goat news’. That person gave Tsh200,000 towards the auction. This brought the figure to Tsh1,000,000 as the Bishop had anticipated! This is rare.

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