The instruments being offloaded.
Equipment Offloaded
A box containing Powered 12 Channel Mixer (Amplifier)
A box containing Yamaha Keyboard
Boxes containing Peavey Speakers
Canon Yohana Yakobo of St Luke's Tarime and some vestry members receiving the instruments
Canon Bwiru of Mogabiri and some vestry members receiving the instruments
Rev Charles Mwita of Kerende Parish and Vestry members receiving the instruments
Assembling of the Instruments in progress
The three priests Fred, Yohana and Charles making a pledge to take care of the instruments
The instruments being offloaded.
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The Diocese of Tarime has purchased quality musical instruments for three youth choirs namely St Luke’s in Tarime town, St Paul’s Mogabiri (10km east of Tarime), and Kerende church in Nyamongo area. The instruments purchased include 3 power mixers, 3 keyboards, 3 speaker sets, 3 wireless receiver systems, and relevant accessories.

The three churches and their choirs were handed the equipment at a colourful service and ceremony at St Paul’s Mogabiri on January 5, 2014. The service was attended by all clergy, lay readers and evangelists who were attending a conference at the Agricultural centre nearby. Members of the Executive council of the Diocese were present too. Four visiting Canadian guests from Kingston, Ontario witnessed the ceremony.

The Diocese is very grateful to the youth group at St Paul’s Bloor Street in Toronto, Canada who raised money through a concert in June 2013 toward the project. Equally, the Diocese is immensely grateful to the leadership of St Paul’s Bloor for matching the concert funds with an additional generous grant for the purpose, with permission to use any balance for roofing a church in Tarime.

Bishop Mwita Akiri who met with the youth group at St Paul’s in Toronto in May 2013 said: “I am so grateful to everyone at St Paul’s for this wonderful support. In particular, I wish to thank Lay Canon Sam Sumner-Hodgkins (a member of the youth group) for spearheading the initiative and for motivating his fellow youngsters to participate. Equally I am grateful to those who gave their money, and to the leadership of St Paul’s Bloor under Rector Canon Dr Barry Parker for supporting this important initiative. The equipment we have received will enhance evangelism in our Diocese with a special focus on the youth outreach.”

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