Congregation at Mangucha that has built the wall
Mangucha church under construction
Gamasara Parish church under construction
Nyabitocho Parish church under construction
Nyagisya Parish church under construction
Nyakunguru Parish church under construction
Nyangoto Parish church under construction
Congregation at Mangucha that has built the wall
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Wall completed at Mangucha Parish church

A small congregation of 15 or so has completed the construction of the wall of their new church through self help. Commenting on this progress, the Diocesan Bishop, Dr Mwita Akiri said, “This is a great and encouraging achievement not only for the congregation at Mangucha, but for the Diocese as a whole. It is humbling to see what a small group of determined and committed Christians and their pastor can achieve in God’s name and for God’s glory! This and all other church buildings in the Diocese will be used for worshipping God, collecting drinking water through the roof, and for hosting community meetings.”

Bishop Mwita added, “The partnership scheme under which these churches have been built requires that each congregation erects the wall and I raise money to assist with the roofing costs. “The ball is now in my court. I am grateful to people in the Diocese and beyond who have shown interest in supporting these projects and are willing to help”.

Three other congregations have completed erecting the wall too. These are Nyagisya, Gamasara, and Nyakunguru. The fourth, Nyabitocho, has just received financial assistance from their companion parish in the United Kingdom towards the roofing costs. Mogabiri, Bugumbe (Renchoka) and Bunchari parishes have walls going up. Kerende, Buhemba and Rebu parishes have the foundations built already and will soon start erecting the wall.

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