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Ridley Hall entrance signboard
Ridley College photo taken on last day of Lent term
Andrew Norman, Principal of Ridley (middle) with international sabbatical guests Stelian Stofana (Romania) and Mwita Akiri (Tanzania)
Bishop Mwita with Dr Ian Shaw (Director of Scholarship Programme, Langham Partnership UK & Ireland). Langham and Ridley co-funded Mwita's UK visit.
The front of Ridley College, Cambridge University
Some of the buildings at Ridley Hall, Cambridge
Bishop Mwita with Canon Andy Lines, CEO & Mission Director, Crosslinks UK.
Signboard, School of Divinity, Edinburgh University
Bishop Mwita with John & Della Rea during the Edinburgh visit. John is a member of the Overseas Committee, Scottish Episcopal Church.
Ridley Hall entrance signboard
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My Cambridge and UK Reflections (1 February to 31 March) - Rt Rev Mwita Akiri, PhD

Since I completed my doctoral studies at Edinburgh University in 1999, I have been visiting the UK frequently, almost once a year. However, in most cases my stay during those visits has always been brief, lasting only for days. This year I stayed in the UK for an extended period (almost three months), and notably, at an academic institution, in a largely academic city.  This enabled me to reconnect and catch up with British academic and church life in a very special way.

I am grateful to Langham and Ridley Hall for giving me this rare opportunity to focus on my academic project. I have tried before to start writing a book but did not get very far.  My demanding administrative and leadership responsibilities over the last twelve years or so contributed to this lack of progress. I am very pleased with the progress I have made during my time at Cambridge.

I was privileged to be a part of a vibrant worship community with dedicated and committed students and staff at Ridley Hall that was immensely rewarding. The visionary leadership of its Principal – Canon Andrew Norman – is obvious and remains a key factor in taking the College to a new level of success. I pray that the ongoing major College development appeal will be a success. I felt honoured to take part in the Round Table conference of the Church of England bishops on the training of the future clergy for the Church of England just days before I left the UK. The two-day conference – a step in the right direction – was jointly hosted by Ridley Hall and Westcott House – the two Anglican colleges at Cambridge.

I valued the opportunity to preach and to hold meetings with church leaders to discuss mission issues of local and international importance. As ever, British Christians, church leaders and individuals accorded me a very warm welcome and friendship – in their homes, in the churches and in the meeting rooms. I thank each one and all of them wholeheartedly for their unwavering support for me and the Diocese of Tarime. Forever, we are, and we remain brothers and sisters in Christ.