Bunchari Parish which was also under Tarime deanery but will be relocated to Sirari deanery. It is located west of Sirari township and was formed out of Sirari parish. It has neither a church building nor a pastor’s house. Currently, the congregation currently worships at a local primary school classroom.

"On Sunday Feb 27, 2011 we had a harambee (fundraising event) for Bunchari and Bugumbe parishes. These are two churches that had suffered some of the worst violent clan clashes ever experienced in Tarime in recent years (recall that I talked about this in my speech on July 4th 2010, and that it was echoed by the President). These two clans have now made peace with each other since 2008, and we want to seize the opportunity and engage in intensive evangelization in the area.

Bunchari Church -  roof completed December  2013
</span><span style=\"font-size: 12.16px;\">Bishop Mwita Akiri with clan leaders of Warenchoka and Wanchari after a Sunday worship service at Bunchari Parish</span><span style=\"font-size: 12.16px;\">
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But we need a church building for each parish by June 2011. The construction cost is Tsh15million (approx $12,000 US) for each church, that is Tsh30million ($24,000). Today we helped the two parishes to raise Tsh3.4million in cash which we shall divide equally for the two. Each side will contribute some of the materials such as stones and sand worth over Tsh2million in total for both parishes. So we still need to raise more money for these two churches"

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