Tarime-Wakefield Link Officer Appointed

The Bishop of the Diocese Dr Mwita Akiri has appointed Mrs. Salome Polycarp, a teacher by profession and an entrepreneur who owns a private primary school in Tarime as the Link Officer for Tarime-Wakefield partnership. The Tarime-Wakefield link or friendship is a continuation of a long standing link between the mother Diocese of Mara and the Diocese of Wakefield (England) which dates as far back as 1985. Naturally, after the voluntary division of the diocese of Mara to form the new Mara, Tarime and Rorya, parishes that had link parishes in Wakefield continues to remain in partnership.

Writing about Salome the Bishop Mwita says, “I am grateful that Salome has agreed to do this work for us on a part time basis while looking after her own business. Indeed I have every confidence in her. Her visit to Wakefield should help her to know the expectations of our brothers and sisters in Wakefield, at diocesan and link parish levels”. The bishop adds, “Salome’s first task will be to hold meetings with parish councils of all linked parishes and get parish link persons in place and agree on basic strategies to rekindle those parish links”.

Salome’s overall work will be to communicate with her counterpart in Wakefield and keep the Bishop informed of progress on various link issues; liaise with parishes priests and the parish councils so that a two-way communication is maintained between the linked parishes. She will oversee the appointment of local liaison people in each parish that will supply her with information and updates in between her parish visits. The other key role will be to work with the clergy and parish councils to ensure that the money received by parishes is put to good effect for the benefit of all spent wisely and properly. E-mail Salome Polycarp.

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