Our Bishop

Bishop Mwita Akiri, PhD


The Rt Rev Dr R. Mwita Akiri was elected bishop of Tarime on April 8, 2010, and was consecrated on July 2010. He was ordained 1985. After serving in two parishes, he went to Trinity College (now part of Bristol University, England) and graduated with a BA (Honours) in Theological Studies in 1991. He returned to the diocese of Mara to serve as principal of a diocesan bible college, priest of the local parish, rural dean of the local deanery, and Bible translator for Bible Societies of Tanzania and Kenya until September 1994 when he went to Edinburgh University to do postgraduate studies in African Christianity. He gained a Master of Theology degree in 1995, and a PhD in 1999 (with a year off for field research). He served as diocesan director of education in the diocese of Mara in 2000.

Bishop Mwita comes to the diocese of Tarime with a variety of national and international experiences. He is the immediate former General Secretary and Chief Executive of the Anglican Church of Tanzania which has its head office in Dodoma central Tanzania. He held this post for almost 10 years with one major achievement (among others) of overseeing the planning and eventually the establishment of St John’s University of Tanzania, a national Anglican University. He is a member of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) since 2005. He served on the ACC’s Finance and Administration Committee from 2005-2009. He is also currently a member of the Advisory Council of the worldwide Anglican Health Network.

Bishop Mwita is married to Mukami. They have two daughters, Mugure and Mbayo.

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